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One of the Socialist Internet's views is coding services and programs that are free excluding convenience features to support the creator, for example if a user pays to send calculations to servers with higher priority.

JOGOS, a program worked on by a founder of the Socialist Internet, fits most into this category because of their primary software: JOGOS NOE. This program is completely free and contains a variety of tools, including ones for hashing in many algorithms without internet connection. It is a good example of a program that follows the idea of a Socialist Internet.

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The idea of paying for domains is reasonable, however a system for domain registration that would make more sense for the community is giving domains away free or at a small price for charitable operations or free services. This system would follow more traditional socialism, as bigger corporations would be paying exponentially more for domains as their sizes increase.

Additionally, a good system for domains would be one-time payments for cheaper domains or ones used for previously mentioned charitable operations or free services, something that was mentioned as one of the rules of a socialist internet. It is unlikely that currently existing domains will change this way, but new protocols can be made, an admittedly extreme example would be the onion protocol used by the Tor browser.

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The goal of Socialist Files is de-proprietize many file formats and make more that are not branded in any way. Such change allows work to be done in a way that is more affordable and customizable. Additionally, it avoids the problem of "picking favorites" when third-party programs need to process files.

Non-proprietary/non-branded formats have been used in some fields way more than others. Document, slide, and formatted spreadsheet files that are easily editable are almost entirely branded/proprietary. Oddly, there are almost an excess of 3D model formats that are non-branded.

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Socialist Media aims to make it so that the production of media (photos, videos, audio) and media itself is available and easily accessible to the public. Sites such as Wikimedia Commons and Unsplash offer the public to share their media under public domain, however are still lacking in some categories. Some such services may provide a selection of media that is too limited. Others may be flooded with irrelevant media.

The creation aspect is more varied. For videos, services like Clipchamp and Blender are good choices. For photos, Lunapic, Vectr, or Pixlr are good options. We have found TwistedWave to be a good option for audio editing. Many of these services, however, either have a steep learning curve or are highly limited in their capabilities. The Socialist Internet team has tried to build up all of its resources using such programs. For example, the logo was made using Vectr, the video with Blender, and the background graphic for some sections using pixlr.

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Socialist Internet Logo This is a general category encompassing Socialist Internet as a whole, as well as potential expansion into other areas of technology. Refer to other Divisions for more information.